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Doodles & Advice for All


Two of the most popular Doodle dogs are Goldendoodles (Poodle +Golden Retriever), and Labradoodles (Poodle + Labrador Retriever).

These are usually expensive dogs to buy and to have professionally groomed.  Before getting a new dog, my advice is to call some of your local groomers and ask what their fees and policies are regarding the breeds that you are considering for adoption.  Not just, "how much?" but also, "how often do you recommend that they be groomed?" 

Other things to ask:

  • What are your hours? 
  • How far in advance do you have to book an appointment? 
  • If I have to reschedule, how long would I have to wait for another appointment? 
  • Will you take my dog no matter how long he goes between groomings? 
  • Do you take dogs that bite?

Many groomers refuse to take certain breeds, and Doodle dogs are on the list.

Why?  They aren't like "Pit Bulls,"  Rottweilers, or Mastiffs.  

The problem stems from the breeders and breed websites that claim that the breed doesn't require frequent grooming or bathing.  Unfortunately, they often tell people to wait until the dogs are one year old before taking them to a professional groomer.*

By then they are bigger and more difficult to handle.  They come into the shop full of tangles and mats which are often impossible to comb out and the dogs have to be clipped right down to the skin.  To the owner, the fur may have a few "knots in it" but the groomer sees a long series of "knots" otherwise known as "mats." 

Then the decision must be made:  "Shave down" the coat and start over or de-mat the dog.  Since de-matting requires a great deal of time, patience, and skill, most groomers charge a substantial fee for this service if it can be done at all.  In many cases, shaving down is the only option. And, shaving is not without risks.  Often, the mats are torn from the skin by the dog as he or she walks around or chews at them.  Then the groomer shaves off the fur and you can suddenly see the red, scratched skin that was underneath the mats all along.  Most groomers try to make shaved down dogs look as cute as is possible to make a dog that looks like a slicked pig with chicken legs and a hot dog for a tail. Fortunately, fur grows back.

I have solved this problem for myself.  I will not accept clients who want to stretch out their grooming appointments beyond every 6 weeks, no matter the length of the coat. If they want a really long, flowing style, they can have it but may need to bring their dog in every 3 or 4 weeks, year-round, regardless of weather conditions, their schedule, or any other reason.  Yes, more than once I have received calls from clients in the ER, telling me that their neighbor is on the way with their dogs.  I am really lucky to have to most considerate, conscientious clients that anyone could ask for.  I really like my clients personally and professionally.

I wish that I could take everyone who calls, but often I can only take someone new when one of my current dogs, "moves away or passes away."  I maintain a "Client Want To Be List" with the names of people who are currently going to other groomers but are unhappy with the styles that their dogs are given, or the treatment that they themselves receive.  I do call people from that list.  If a current client suffers the loss of a beloved dog, I tactfully ascertain if he or she is going to soon seek a new companion in which case, I'll save their space on my active client list.  If not, then I'll call someone from my CWTB List.

*It used to be that bathing any breed of dog too often was discouraged out of concern for stripping the coat of natural oils.  Nowadays, we have scientifically formulated shampoos and conditioners that get the dogs clean and condition the skin and coat at the same time.  You should see how some of the dogs prance and strut for their owners when they come to pick them up!  Some of my dogs look ready to go down the catwalk!






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