Delmar Dog Grooming
Erma Klein
30 Hudson Avenue
Delmar, NY 12054
(518) 475-9039

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About The Groomer

Delmar Dog Grooming is owned and operated by Erma Klein

  • Experience: 25 years as a Dog Groomer, and over 30 years as a Professional Dog Trainer
  • Expertise: Please, view the photos of different breeds that I have groomed recently.
  • Education:
    • The College of St. Rose, B. S.
    •  The State University of New York at Albany, M. S.
    •  Continuing Education in the grooming field (seminars, workshops, online and other research).
  • Environment:  A Clean, Quiet Environment
    • Since I work alone, there aren't other groomers in the shop talking, or working with dryers, clippers, and water sprayers.
    • I came to appreciate that peace and quiet all the more when I attended workshops in larger commercial grooming establishments.
    • A visitor commented that the dogs go into a "Zen-Like" state while being groomed by me.
    • In addition to constant cleaning, a very expensive Air Purifier cleans the air so that there aren't any "wet dog odors" or "musty-type smells" in my shop. 
    • Since clients pre-book their appointments and deliver and pick up their dogs at an agreed upon time, the dogs are not distracted by the sounds of constantly ringing phones, door bells, and visitors.
    • While being groomed, the dogs may look out the picture window at the birdfeeder and the meadow.
    • Since I do not accept people as clients if they just "pop in" (stop by) for a "look-see"(tour), I am not startled while using clippers and scissors on dogs.

For more information, please click on my
"Doodles & Advice" page.

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