Delmar Dog Grooming
Erma Klein
30 Hudson Avenue
Delmar, NY 12054
(518) 475-9039

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August 2009--Sparky was my Model for a Workshop given by Lisa Leady, The Second Place Winner of "Groomer Has It."

Sparky was as well-behaved as he always is!

Maddie, (below)August 2009
Maddie is kept in a shorter, lower-maintenance trim which our energetic, little dog likes very much!

Below are some photos that show how clips can evolve.  Sometimes the trims look different because the fur is thinner due to age or illness. Or the clip had to be changed to disquise an area that had to be shaved by the vet for a procedure.  Other times, the trim is different because I updated the look to more closely resemble the current trend for the breed.


Next: Ziggy.  He has a very tight, dense coat.
Ziggy, a Rescued Dog, has a delightful sense of humor! And, he let's me put hats on him for photos!

The evolution of Sparky's style.  From a shy, rescued dog, to our little "show dog."

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